TWICE "The Feels" MINA @GMA3: What You Need to Know

添加 2021年10月 7日
TWICE "The Feels" MINA @GMA3: What You Need to Know

TWICE's 1ST Full English Single "The Feels"
Released on 10.01_FRI , 0AM (EST) 1PM (KST)

📌Listen “The Feels” HERE👇✨

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  • Myoui Mina..

  • That subtle smile, the stray strand of hair she sweeps away from her forehead. Mina, the personification of effortless grace and ladylike elegance. ✨😍✨

  • my queen

  • Mina's dancing skills is no joke

  • 😘😘😘😘

  • es tan hermosa

  • ため息出るほどきれいだなあ🥺💓

  • She is gorgeous

  • Gw geleuh aama twice jelek dia mendingan blackpink

  • 324k

  • I Love Mina

  • I like you

  • 😍

  • A Living Angel

  • มินะสวยยยย


  • Mina So Pretty

  • 305k


  • Mina So Elegant

  • I love you Mina🥰

  • I 💕 Mina

  • ❤️

  • Mina is like a princess even while dancing. I love you my ultimate bias

  • I love Mina so much,!!!,🤩😍🥰😃🧜‍♀️🎉♉️💫🌺

  • 귀여어어어어어웡💜

  • 😄👏👏👏


  • Mina slalu cantik

  • Lets go 300K

  • 285k

  • She is so pretty.. like seriously.. Didn't even needed the heavy makeup

  • MiTzu


  • SOTY~~

  • me encanta el atuendo de mina❤❤❤

  • ay minq eres hermosa


  • fact: mina es mi novia

  • I had a classmate in college who looks like Mina. My classmate isn’t Japanese . She’s Filipino (I am too). I think the difference they had in terms of looks was that Mina has a mole on her nose, while my classmate has a mole on her chin. It was crazy because I looked at her and thought that she looked like someone. I told another classmate who was into Kpop about this and we concluded that she looked like Mina from Twice. So I told my classmate that she looked a lot like Mina and she laughed because her own sister told her the same thing. We had Korean classmates who told her she was attractive. I remembered that she wasn’t really confident with her looks but was flattered and said something like “well at least now I know I look pretty in Korea.” I joked that if she goes to Korea, she might really get scouted, especially since she also looks younger than her age (but she’s like a year younger than Mina).

  • she's so gorgeous and damn elegant

  • Mina

  • Mina is an angel. Our penguin, I love her

  • あとナヨンねww

  • ミサモジしか勝たん!

  • As a Japanese, I strongly wanna be like her

  • Mina is so pretty✨ 💞

  • أحب مينا Love and TWICE 😍❤️

  • 미나 아프지 말자! 춤도 우아하게 추는 미나리💗

  • Mina is so pretty💘

  • Make all member fancam 1M views 1K comment 50K likes

  • boy I boy I boy I know I get the feels boy I boy I boy I know you feel it too

  • MINA is so pretty love the dance!

  • Mina's visual is no joke

  • Love Mina’s parts, she did a great job

  • Mina Best Girl

  • Mina Perfect dance

  • Mina Amazing

  • Mina gorgeous

  • Mina Beautiful

  • Mina Angel

  • Mina, chị xinh lắm

  • Best dancer

  • Her visual so expensive 💖💖💖❤️

  • Best voice in Twice here confirmed

  • Fact: Mina visuals are breath taking and so is her talent.

  • En cuestión de morir yo ya me morí Mina me mato sin piedad 😔👌💕 Hay dios enserio la amo , esta mujer es una Diosa total ♥️💕💕

  • 251k

  • Thank you for making me feel so happy❤️

  • 💫💞THE FEELS💞💫 to ⭐️100M VIEWS!!⭐️ 💖🧡ONCE☝️✨ + 💖🧡TWICE✌️✨ = 💖🧡THE BEST TEAM✊✨ ⭐️LET’S DO THIS FOR OUR GIRLS!!⭐️

  • كل شي في ميناا يجنن الصوت والستايل والرقص 😍💕😩

  • 🐧❤

  • Mina best girl

  • Te amo mi niña

  • Myoui Mina...

  • Princess minari love u so much


  • Mina is the best dancer in world

  • Don't put twice and men in the same place 🤷‍♀️😂😆

  • Mina So Elegant

  • Hey Mina! Your socks don’t match. Did you have a rough night?

  • 227k

  • Love Mina ❤❤


  • Te amo Mina y también eres una diosa 💞

  • La mujer mas hermosa del mundo

  • NO Mina, NO LIFE

  • Mina So Pretty

  • MINA

  • mina

  • everyone, support MINA!!💜

  • I cant stop me to thinking of MINA

  • No one moves on from The Feels era unless Mina posts in instagram about Formula of Love 🤜🤛

  • Her moves looks so smooth 🥰💋🥳

  • Too pretty

  • Myoui Mina...

  • s