TWICE "The Feels" CHAEYOUNG @GMA3: What You Need to Know

添加 2021年10月 7日
TWICE "The Feels" CHAEYOUNG @GMA3: What You Need to Know

TWICE's 1ST Full English Single "The Feels"
Released on 10.01_FRI , 0AM (EST) 1PM (KST)

📌Listen “The Feels” HERE👇✨

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  • My bias

  • Chaeee

  • She's the moment

  • Queen!!


  • THAT is an excellent performance. It is not easy dancing in boots. I am impressed

  • かわいい❤️

  • CHAEYOUNG BEST GIRL!! 😍 this is definitely her era! the 90s vibes suits her the best! btw, what's on her leg? is that a bruise, tattoo or what? just curious hehe

  • chaeyoung just has this spunk to her dance this era! i’m living for it!

  • stan

  • 165K ✅ 170K ⏳

  • She is gorgeous

  • penitiny gede pisan beli dimana mba? 🙏 btw mba chaeyoung keren banget deh😻😻💘

  • Chaeyoug i love you

  • like the way chaeyon dresses

  • She’s so cool, I love her

  • 🤘👌👀

  • Jihyo is a nice a big heart girls

  • 160K ✅ 165K ⏳

  • Currently on 163,552 🍓

  • gua blink tapi sukaaa bgttt sama chaeyoung ga tau knapaa😭♥️ kyak punya daya tarik sendiri, dri awal tau twice bias gua langsung chaeyoung, tapi gua ngerasa dia jarang bgt ada yg muji:((( , kalian harus tau keren nya chaeyoung dri rapp, vocal, dance paket komplit bgt😭♥️♥️

    • ohiyaa kelupaan sama visual nya yg CANTIKKK BGT GA TAU LAGI SECANTIK ITU🥺


  • nobody: chaeyoung: i can feel a REAR CONNECTION

  • cok tatli

  • bebis ya

  • i got the feels for you chaeyoung

  • 💖

  • まじですき


  • I'm here to hear the voice of the angel CHAEYOUNG I love you✨👑

  • Currently on 155,023 🍓

  • 155K ✅ 160K ⏳

  • 150K ✅ 155K ⏳

  • I love how this era highlighted her potentials. I am so happy for her.

  • 145K ✅ 150K ⏳

  • Currently on 149,110 🍓

  • Chaeyoung cutie!

  • i love her shoes

  • Love Chaeyoung's style

  • 小柄な私にとってチェヨンのスタイルってめちゃめちゃ理想…🤦🏻‍♀️🤍

  • 足にアザっぽいのある… 練習大変なんだろうな。 無理しないで頑張ってほしい🥺

  • Chaeyoung es perfecta, es el arte en persona

  • que bella es mi reina

  • chaeyoung is so active with her line

  • 140K ✅ 145K ⏳


  • 横顔がビビるほど綺麗だ、、

  • She owns this era. No one can chanbe my mind!

  • She is the most sassy idol ever I watched...

  • 사랑해 우리 딸기😢❣️

  • Make all member fancam 1M views 1K comment 50K likes

  • the ace of the group 💖😩

  • I love this outfit!!

  • My favorite one


  • chaeyoung

  • Is that a bruise on her calf? She must have worked so hard and injured a bit. The "boy i boy i know" was perfected best by Chae in my opinion - not too powerful, not too soft.

  • Creo que necesitaré ayuda , se ve demasiado diosa hay creo que moriré ♥️💕💕💕 Enserio la amo 😍💜💕

  • it's chaeyeoung's era IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED

  • 💫💞THE FEELS💞💫 to ⭐️100M VIEWS!!⭐️ 💖🧡ONCE☝️✨ + 💖🧡TWICE✌️✨ = 💖🧡THE BEST TEAM✊✨ ⭐️LET’S DO THIS FOR OUR GIRLS!!⭐️

  • te amo hermosaaaa

  • CHaeyoung's Dancing skill, vocal, expression, Visual got IMPROVED. Twice is always improving in every comeback😭

  • she's so cute ahh i love her

  • Chaeyoung even though you're the member responsible for rap, your voice is so amazing and that's what makes you the number one idol because you're perfect.

  • Chaeyoung with so many hate comments around you but you are still sticking to your dream I congratulate you on this because most of the people who get bad comments like you give up but you are brave enough to get past them this is definitely great and I hope to be like you one day you have a personality Gorgeous, strong, and the perfect body that every girl on earth desires, and a face so beautiful that I can't describe it, but I swear to you it's gorgeous and also you have beautiful and weird tattoos at the same time and that's what makes you special you are a successful example of a great woman

  • #트와이스_채영 #CHAEYOUNG‬⁩ #SONCHAEYOUNG #채영 ‏⁦‪#TWICE#트와이스_채영이_귀엽다 ‏‎‏⁩ ⁦‪#트와이스

  • ‏⁦ ‏‎‏⁩ ⁦‪#트와이스

  • ‏⁦‪#TWICE ‏‎‏⁩ ⁦

  • I love you Chae ❤

  • #채영



  • #트와이스_채영

  • Chaeyoung in blonde hair is so gorgeous omg

  • 115k ✅ 125k ⏳

  • love you chaeyung

  • 脚の痣どこにぶつけたの😮💧身体気をつけね🥺💓

  • Chaeyoung glow differently when she gets more rap and singing line 😍. +++ blonde hair suits her so much 😍

  • Queen chaeyoung 💖👑


  • chaeyoung 💜💙💓💙💜💓

  • that hairstyle suit her soo much !

  • Chae is so pretty!

  • Son Chaeyoung best girl

  • Baby Beast!

  • good~~

  • 채영아 니가 내 퀸카다

  • เบบี๋

  • chaeyoung

  • owned this era

  • the feels is obviously chae's era!

  • This made my day

  • 110K ✅ 115K ⏳

  • في أثر أحمر على رجلها 💔💔💔💔💔

  • 채영 옷 예쁘다. 춤선 짱

  • chaeyoung tiene un moreton en su pierna izquierda:(

  • Chaeyoung looks happy and confident.

  • 100K ✅ 110K ⏳

  • Dancing wise, this is Chae's best era. Period.